Le luxe d'origine Radiateurs copié dans le monde entier. Un merveilleux meubles de jardin en plein air, un chauffe-terrasse avec une flamme visible créant une atmosphère glamour.
Gardez votre style extérieur et attrayant. Choisissez Falò.


A wonderful outdoor garden furniture, a patio heater with a visible flame Creating a glamorous atmosphere.

Radiant heating flow along the glass tube.

Smart functioning, structured with stainless steel and aluminum, anti tipping device and windproof flame ionization control.

Anti scratch feet, wheels set (optional) Belt for fastening Any LPG cylinder, running by LPG and Natural Gas.

Keep your outdoor warm, stylish and attractive. Choose Falò.

This is the original Luxury Patio Heater copied in various forms and styles from manufacturers all around the world. Our three sides pyramid patio heater HAS started a new generation of patio heaters

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