Stratos MB

A contemporary Gas Heater with a Futuristic design and innovative technology.
A Power flued Stove with a sealed chamber and ionization flame control.
STRATOS MB 3.0 / 5.0 / 7.0 / 9.0.


Our innovative gas heater, thanks to the air heating flow from the bottom, allows a uniform and uninterrupted spread of heating, avoiding the air stratification.

High comfort and energy saving thanks to the automatic modulation of the heating power and fan speed.

A Power flued Gas Heater with a sealed chamber and ionization flame control.

Our Gas Heater work with Lpg and natural gas, it also has a water tank built-in, a modular aluminium heating exchanger, and an automatic fan speed control.

A space gas heater with just 32 or 54 mm flue line diameter included inside each packaging.

That's not all... optionally, you can either buy a fantastic led sensor lighting or you can customize frontal panel: anodized aluminum, crystal or natural stone.

 * The appliance must be purchased based on the type of gas and the pressure expected in the country of destination, always in compliance with national regulations.

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