Venezia 90-130 Corner

The integrated gas fireplace insert, available in 90 and 130cm size. It creates an atmosphere with a vision long flame, reflection free, with a corner form factor.


Integrated insert Gas fireplaces, avaible 90 cm and 130 cm models with corner form factor. It creates an atmosphere with a vision long flame, such as a widescreen movie format.

Visible flame surface for the model. 90C - L 810 mm H x 320 mm.

Visible flame surface for the model. 130C - L 1340 x H 320 mm.

Flue balanced, sealed chamber, Running by LPG and natural gas.

Housing to redirect the standard equipped with heating flows.

Designed and assembled in Italy.

Smart, stylish, ITALKERO.

*NOTE: The flames represented in this website were shot in a single photograph, they are not and cannot be binding in any way. The height and extent of the flames cannot be fixed and standard, each flame is unique.

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CE GAR Conformity Certificate -
Brochure Depliant ITA/UK
Grill-Less, covering Manual -
Installation and user manual. Manual -
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Log set and Pebbles Manual -
QUICK guide Manual -
Technical PDF Manual -
TV installation Manual -
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