New lightfire dolce-vita "seebeck effect" , energy harvesting.

New lightfire dolce-vita "seebeck effect" , energy harvesting.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013/Categories: News

Innovative seebeck effect... switch on the led lighting kit of your luxury patio heater without using any batteries just with the power of the flame!

Yes it's true ! With Italkero it's possible! 

Forget batteries, energy power and stuff like that!

With our lightfire dolcevita "seebeck effect" you can live the beauty of our amazing L.E.D. lighting kit without adding a rechargeable battery, just using energy harvesting power of the new heaters. 

We like producing and increasing our studies day by day... and now we are glad to offer this new unique idea: unique product, unique flame, no wires, no cables, no batteries: Italkero.

Everything because of the power of the flame.

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Stay tuned.

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