PRO-Air EPP 18-35-50-70

Ventilation units in EPP 16,3 kW, 33,3 kW, 47,7 KW e 64,8 kW.
Cancel noise, small size, can be installed anywhere.
Air flow and fan speed from 0% to 100%, ease of operation.
Adequate to the new EU legislation for motor fans.


New ventilation units from 16,3 kW, 33,3 kW, 47,7 KW and 64,8 kW.


- New casing EPP, light and elegant.


- Cancel the noise, small size, can be installed anywhere.


- Engine ecology: complies with European regulations nr. 327/2011 for fans motor


- Great ease of operation: manual or automatic


- MAN: you choose the fan speed, variable from 0 to 100%


- AUTO: automatic modulation of the fan, depending on the set temperature.


- Setting the room temperature between 5 ° and 35 ° C


- Powerful launch air: up to 26 m


- Small size and lightness


- Great flexibility of installation.

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